Starts Friday 27th May Ends Saturday 18th June

Sydney Vivid Festival Sightseeing Harbour Cruises

The Vivid Sydney 2022 Festival looks like its going ahead and we are delighted to be running sightseeing cruises throughout the festival.

The 2022 Sydney Vivid Festival starts on Friday 27th May and ends on Saturday 18th June.

We have cruises running throughout the festival to give you the best views of the Sydney Harbour foreshore under lights.

What's included?
360 Degree views of the Sydney Vivid Festival from Sydney Harbour, 3 Levels to browse with a large fully open upper deck, Large Parquetry Dance Floor, Pro Party DJ, cash open bar and of course our amazing staff...

  • please note that cruises may need to be rescheduled pending social distancing and mass gathering regulations

More Information

Cash Bar Menu

House Spirits (vodka, Bourbon, Scotch) $11.00
Light Beer (Hahn Light) $10.00
House Beer Toohey's New, $11.00
House Wine (Red/White) $10.00
Sparkling Wine $10.00
Soft drinks $7.00
Juice $7.00
Premium Imported beer:
(Corona, Sol, Heineken) $12.00
Premium Spirits $12.00
Liquors $12.00 

Other Cocktails $14.00 to $16.00

Cocktail Drinks Menu

Bacardi Baybreeze     $12.00
Balalaika     $14.00
Banana Blue     $16.00
Blue Haze    $16.00
Butterscotch Daiquiri     $14.00
Cointreaupolitan     $12.00
Fantasy     $14.00
Green Haze     $14.00
June Bug     $15.00
Lemon Drop      $14.00
Madras      $12.00
Mexican Sunset     $14.00
Miami     $14.00
Mojito     $14.00 (ask for a 'special')
Sunburn     $14.00
The Sydney Pearl     $14.00

Vivid Festival Cruise Tickets